This is me, Syed Dan

Yea, I'm here~ Just wanna leave some messages. Let's activate this blog, for our own sake. Let the ukhuwwah between us, the members of 503 2009 of KISAS still on, and always keep in touch. Yeah, you know, its hard to let go the relationship as the school session was end.

Everybody was sad, and kept missing the lovely college ever. The memories that we have been made for 2 year should not be disappeared just like that. Our role, kept reminding about the past memories, and updating our recent news, event, who know, this blog also could be a media to invite all of the members to a wedding ceremony. Wait and see.. who was the first that will send the invitation card here.. hehe.

Yea, don't waste the facility that been provided for free. Use this blog maximumly.

~SyDanny~ (visit my BLOG, huhu~)

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